Service For ALLAH for right

Service for ALLAH for right

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Dear Healthcare Professionals

In this age of globalization, it is highly imperative to bring consistency and competency to medical and religious education among Muslim Health Care Professionals (HCPs). It is essential to provide accessible forums wherein HCPs can share their knowledge and disseminate it through health care families. MMM foresee to serve this purpose and help to bridge the gap between religious and medical practices.

MMM aims at reinforcing technological and cultural collaboration between Society and Health Care Providers, in a move to develop sustainable scientific, Islam-based strategies for the preservation and management of the Physician-Patient relationship which is under threat.

In the present day of controversies about medical ethics, MMM is in a humble attempt to resolve this multi-dimensional issue of conflicts and contradictions between dis-eased people, distressed relatives, and un-eased Physicians in the eternal light of the Quran and Sunnah.

We want the initiation and establishment of thematic networks, especially between HCP, Religious Scholars, and Policy makers on the one side and Society on the other for constant exchange of ideas, expertise, and experiences leading to harmony in policy making and execution.

We are working to discover methods for enhancing the ‘adult’ role of media in Health issues.

Gaza Relief Mission

Gaza Relief Mission Gallery

Alhamdulillah! Muslim Medical Mission Pakistan has contracted with a water supply company that will supply safe drinking water to the families living in the schools and refugees camps in the South GAZA until the families are settled back to their homes.

Alhamdulillah!! Muslim Medical Mission Pakistan is continuously feeding hundreds of families and kids living in the refugee camps in schools and temporary shelters in different areas of Southern GAZA on a regular basis. May Allah Almighty ease their sufferings. Aameen

Alhamdulillah! Blankets distribution amongst the refugee families of GAZA living in camps in the cold winter weather. May Allah Almighty accept from those who contributed. Aameen

Alhamdulillah! Hot meals are being served to the displaced families in different areas, GAZA.

Services in Disasters

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Who We Are

There was a group of Muslim Health Care professionals working on some issues of common interest like free medical camping, free health care clinics

Our Mission

To become dynamic Muslim health care professionals who will pioneer social change by acquiring knowledge and wisdom, and practicing Dawah

Our Means

Service to humanity without any discrimination of gender or genetics, race or religion, geography or generation, and time or era.

Our Vision

Respected HCP, the time and the manner of our conducting ourselves at home and out, is all material to the judgment of our conduct by ‘The Supreme


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